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This is my personal project aiming to recreat acient Chinese yaoguai in the history literal records in a visual way. It is also created for 2024 Chinese Dragon Year.

I would like to discover the possibility of the combination between yaoguai and theatre, so I start from visualize yaoguai by masks. Since there are thousands kinds of yaoguai that had been recorded, I chose to make the ones that can represent yaoguai the most which are the original ‘kings’ of yaoguai —— Baize and Fang Xiang Shi.

It is a exploring project and will keep going——

- making process vlog -

Tending to get an acient, wild and primitive feeling when I did the final photograph, I chose to wear the costume which has old light fabric texture because I also hope that the fabrics can be blowed in the wind. To match Nuo style mask, I also decided to use bright colors on costume. I ended up using a square scarf tied on back as top, another scarf with tassels attached by clamp as dress, beads as bracelat and earings and shells as necklace, colors can all be found on the mask.


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