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I Have a Date
with Spring

Director-Hongbo Guo |  Screenwrite -Guowei Du  |  Stage Designer -Yanran Chen, Yixin Wu  |  Lighting Designer -Xin Hua, Apple Ding, Qujia Cicheng, Changshi, Xiaoxiao Cui

Costume Designers-Yuejie Li, Xiujie Lan, Jiaying Jiang  |  Makeup Designers-Canran Xi. Yuyan Chen, Yu Fu, Huijie Ren, Haoyu Wu, Yijun Chen  |  Props-Yanran Chen, Yixin Wu

I Have A Date With Spring is a drama show held by Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2021.

Yao Xiaodie, once a renowned singing queen, relocated to Canada after retiring from the music industry. Her life gradually became peaceful. However, for the final performance at the Beautiful Flower Palace Nightclub, Xiaodie returned to her old stomping grounds to prepare for singing her beloved song, "A Date with Spring." Memories resurfaced in her mind like a spring breeze, reminding her of the songs, dances, and three good friends from the past, as well as a past love. That person was Jiahao, a musician. They reminisced about the joys and sorrows of the past.

As a lighting designer and programmer in the show, I work with my lighting team includes me, Xin Hua, Qujia Cicheng, Chang Shi, Xiaoxiao Cui.

Lighting Plot - Overview
Lighting Plot - Behind Circle
Lighting Plot - Side View
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