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This is a personal project about my dreams. I almost make dreams everyday, and i love recording my dreams. So i made this project to recreate this bizarre dream world.

My Dreams

Director - Apple Ding               |              Prop Designer & Maker: Apple Ding                |             Actor - Apple Ding               |               Photographer - Flowerfriend              |             Film Editor - Apple Ding

- Dream Objects


Cardiff Now & Then

Hold by  Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in The Old Library,  June 2022.
As a puppet
& prop maker in the show, I made the giant teapot, tea story sticks as props.


Scrip - Lucy Hall, Emily LeQuesne, All students   |   Director - Lucy Hall, Emily LeQuesne  |  Puppet Designers & Makers: BA 1, BA 2, MA 1  students | Actors - BA 1, BA 2, MA1 students

- Teapot

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